iTennis360 offers after school tennis clinics Monday thru Friday. Our After School Tennis program is a world class development pathway.


Junior Development Tennis


Beginner to Intermediate

Classes are for entry level students to introduce the sport of a lifetime in a fun learning environment. The class is geared towards learning sound fundamentals, rallying and scoring through drills, coaching, and fun games. 


Intermediate to Advanced

Classes are geared towards juniors ready to play matches and enter their first tournaments. Focus is on more advanced technique, footwork, consistency and match play. Grouped by age, experience, and level.


High Performance Tennis

The Commitment Program is for juniors committed to playing year around. These juniors should be competing in USTA tournaments at the state and sectional level, playing varsity high school tennis, and possibly have a goal of playing college tennis. We are committed to providing a well-rounded program focusing on all aspects of the game, including technique, fitness, strategies, mental toughness, footwork and competition.

7-12 yrs (Beginner to Intermediate)

Tuesday & Thursday 3:45–4:40 p.m.

$120 for 50 mins twice/week (8 classes at $15/hr)

7-15 yrs (Intermediate to Advanced)

Wednesday & Friday 3:30–5:00 p.m.

(Space limited to 8 players)

$180 for 1hr30 twice/week (8 classes at $15/hr)

Registration is in 4-week sessions. Missed classes may always be made up another day within the same session or during another session within the school year if your child is enrolled in that session.

Session 1: August 28 – September 20, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 2: September 25 – October 18, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 3: October 23 – November 15, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 4: November 18 – December 13, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 5: January 6 – January 31, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 6: February 3 – February 28, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 7: march 2 – March 27, 2019, 4 weeks

Session 8: march 30 – April 24, 2019, 4 weeks

7-18 yrs Commitment Level (High Performance)

Monday thru Friday, 4:30–6:30 p.m.

(Space limited to 8 players)

Commitment Level (High Performance)

CALL: 864.569.8728