Founded in October 2017 by Warwick Bashford. More Than Tennis is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organisation, dedicated to serving and helping young people achieve their dreams.


The Foundation’s mission is to enhance life skills and educational opportunities to under resourced youth through the promotion of affordable and innovative high quality tennis, nutrition, fitness, tutoring and leadership courses to kids of all ages and abilities.

More Than Tennis is not only about tennis. It is nurturing the character of every student through teaching self-discipline, building and developing team players and instilling self-confidence. 

We also strive to educate and impact student’s wellness through nutrition, fitness and mentoring courses. We believe that the sport of tennis is a platform to a learning experience that will be looked back upon as an important and special part of every students lives. 

We are dedicated to developing talent at both the recreational and competition level. We provide every student a solid foundation for tennis and help them discover their true strengths and personal potential. Students who have a love for tennis and show a commitment to improve have a direct pathway to join our tennis courses and eventually our full-time tennis academy. 

We also participate in community tennis service events and provide help to local and state tennis organizations by creating opportunities for players to play more, as well as other players who may otherwise never be exposed to the sport. We are working to expand our outreach programs to more kids in more locations in 2018. We simply strive to “Impact & Equip Students Through Tennis”.

Warwick Bashford – Founder & President

Randy Hart – Treasury

Christi Brown – Administration

Kay Kulp – Administration

The following committee was created with individuals whose purpose is to select students eligible to receive financial aid towards their tennis training:

Warwick Bashford (High Performance Tennis Coach)