iTennis360 Junior Summer tennis camps are available weekly from June 11th-July 27th, 2018. Our tennis camps are, "More Than Tennis". We are dedicated to developing talent at both the recreational and competition level. We provide every student a solid foundation for tennis and help them discover their true strengths and personal potential. Students who have a love for tennis and show a commitment to improve have a direct pathway to join our tennis courses and eventually our full-time tennis academy.


iTennis360 After School program is a world class development pathway comprising 5 cycles of progression coaching from Red sponge balls to low compression balls to the REAL deal (yellow balls). Students will also use smaller tennis rackets and narrower courts. This development process will allow your children to grow in confidence by seeing immediate progress. All levels will be evaluated 3 times over the course of the year.


iTennis360 Academy is the Upstate's premier full-time tennis career training academy, specializing in equipping tennis students for High School, College, a career at the Professional Level or to follow their passion to A CAREER IN TENNIS. The Tennis Academy is a proven development process for building world class students on and off the tennis court. A methodology in development for over 30 years is now available to you.


iTennis360 Adult Clinics & Events are tailored for players with a rating from 2.0 and higher. Our adults tennis programs can be customized for daily, weekly or weekend events. We offer superior coaching for families, groups and recreational players, featuring video analysis, luncheons, Q & A and specialized workshops.


Colorado Springs - CO. The Ultimate Tennis Camp for Adults who Demand Excellence and Want to Create Unforgettable Memories. Take Your Tennis to the Next Level By Learning From Warwick Bashford. Spectacular Scenery - Hiking Colorado Trails, Horseback Ride in the Rockies, Coast on Bikes 20 Miles Down Pikes Peak, Zip Line in the Mountains, An Exiting Experience You Will Never Forget.